Workshops for leaders

Workshops for leaders will empower your leaders with the skills and insights they need to steer your organisation towards success.

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Business Foundations Workshops

My Business Foundations workshops will help you define the company purpose, business vision and core values:

Defining the Company's Purpose

Duration: 2 hours 

Suitable for: the leadership or management team, resulting in agreement on the company’s purpose, i.e. its reason for existence. 

Outcome: as the company grows and you hire staff to support the growth, you will hire people who ‘get’ the purpose and are excited by it. You will attract clients who are aligned with your purpose; they will turn into your fans, recommend you and rave about you. 

Business Vision - Short, Medium and Long-term Vision-on-a-Page 

Duration: 3 hours 

Suitable for: the leadership or senior management team, resulting in a clear and actionable 3-10-year business vision. 

Outcome: everyone is rowing in the same direction, and excited about reaching the destination.

Designing and Embedding the Organisation’s Core Values 

Duration: 3 hours 

Suitable for: start-ups or small organisations, this can be a standalone workshop. 
For larger organisations, this workshop is integrated into a broader project. 

Outcomes: You will hire, fire and make decisions based on your core values. You will empower managers to have difficult conversations, when necessary, relating to colleagues’ behaviours. You will be able to delegate decision-making, knowing that your colleagues understand what’s expected of them, and what’s important.

Effective Communication Workshops

Tailored for directors and key decision-makers, these exclusive workshops will equip you to lead by example, setting the standards you expect from your staff.

Effective Communication:
The Art of Delegation 

Duration: 3 hours 

Suitable for: Leaders and managers. 
This is a practical workshop where you learn a tried tried-and-tested technique and practice it together in pairs or threes.

Outcomes: you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities with a successful outcome. 

Effective Communication:
The Art of Giving Feedback

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable for: Leaders and managers. 
You will learn the difference between aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive language, and the effect they can have on the recipient. 

This is a practical workshop where you learn a tried-and-tested technique for giving feedback to a colleague, and practice together in pairs or threes. 

Outcomes: you will have the skills to confidently give and receive feedback in a positive way, resulting in higher levels of motivation and performance.

Workshop Pricing

My workshops start at £500 + VAT for a tailored, 2-hour workshop.  
The final cost depends on the duration and number of participants.