NLP at Work

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As an NLP Master Practitioner, I have advanced training and expertise in NLP techniques and methodologies. 

Along with another NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach, Jenni Hallam, we’ve combined our business coaching and life coaching skills and developed ‘NLP at Work’, which is a unique online training programme for business owners. 

Jenni and I strongly believe that coaching can have a great impact on your life, to improve the way you think and deal with everyday challenges. 

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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s a way of thinking,
and a set of tools and techniques, that prove highly effective in coaching.  

It’s all about understanding how your brain, words and actions connect to achieve specific outcomes. You can use it to enhance your communication skills, work on your self-development and achieve your goals more easily. 

NLP at Work

12-week online course 

The course consists of five modules which address challenges that we know business owners and professionals deal with on a daily basis:

Time management



Stress management

Decision making

Our ‘NLP at Work’ course teaches powerful techniques to improve skills in these five key areas. 

Sessions are practical and you will have the opportunity to experience and learn to coach all the techniques we cover.  

What’s the format of the course? 

The course takes place online. The group sessions happen once a week and last 1.5 hours. Each participant gets one 60-minute one-to-one session with one of the coaches. The full course runs for 12 weeks. You can join a morning group or an evening group. There are typically 6 to 12 people in any given group. 

Can I try
before I buy? 

Yes! We offer FREE webinars so that you can experience NLP for yourself before you invest in the full course.  

The dates of our next FREE webinars are: 

Wednesday 17th April 2024
6 – 6.45pm

Improve your work/life balance

Wednesday 5th June 2024
6 – 6.45pm

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NLP at Work Course Price

The online course is £797 + VAT.
This includes 18 hours of group sessions, one one-to-one session with the coach (worth £180 inc. VAT),
all course materials and video recordings of each session. 

The in-house course starts at £2000 + VAT per day.
We will adapt the online course and deliver it in-house for companies of 31+ employees.

Online taster sessions

Please visit our website or contact me below.