DISC Personality Test

Ever wondered why some people just ‘click’ while others clash?

A DISC personality test will help you as a business owner unravel the mysteries of human behaviour, giving you an edge in building a thriving business, with a well-rounded team and the ability to nurture fruitful relationships, with both staff and clients.  

What are the 4 main DISC personality types?

A DISC personality profile categorises personalities into four main disc profile types 


People with the D profile are ambitious and competitive, taking action to shape the environment they are in. They like looking at the bigger picture, striving for accomplishments, and rising to challenges  


People with this style of personality are people-oriented, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Influence profile individuals make a great addition to any team because they’re positive team players who get on well with everyone. 


People with the Steadiness DISC profile are patient, even-tempered, and good listeners who appreciate a stable and consistent environment to work in.


People with this personality style have an analytical and logical approach to tasks, a pragmatic outlook, and have good problem-solving abilities. These individuals are creative and accurate in their tasks but tend to struggle with perfectionism. 

How will a DISC
personality test help? 

During my business coaching and life coaching sessions I often recommend taking a DISC personality test. 

As a business owner, or manager, a DISC personality profile will help you to figure out where individuals fall on this spectrum within your business or team. You will be able to unveil their preferred communication styles and decision-making tendencies.  

A DISC profile will provide your business with valuable insights, to help you make informed decisions, improve communication, foster teamwork, resolve conflicts, and lead with confidence. In short, a DISC assessment helps in the following areas:  


  • Effective Communication: Tailor your message to connect better with your team, clients, and partners.
  • Harmonious Teams: Build balanced teams, encourage collaboration, and assign tasks aligned with each team member’s strengths. 
  • Conflict Resolution: Handle disagreements more effectively by recognising different personality types. 
  • Leadership Excellence: Understand your leadership style, inspire your team, and maximise their potential. 
  • Customer Connections: Identify customer personality styles to deliver targeted marketing and exceptional experiences.  

How I can help you with
DISC Profiling?

If you embrace this tool, you can unlock your business potential and create a thriving ecosystem.   

I can help you by providing a DISC assessment 

Each person in your organisation or team needs to complete an individual DISC assessment, to determine their profile type.  

Once the DISC assessment has been individually completed, using DISC analysis, I prepare a personalised report for each person.  

Here I recommend either a one-to-one, online feedback session, or a group workshop, where I explain in depth what the report means for each individual, or team, and how the knowledge can be used in the context of their work.  


A DISC assessment online will cost: 

£60 per person

DISC feedback workshops: 

One-to-one, 1 hour online session, £100 

For 5-30 people, online or face-to-face, stating at £150 

For 31+ people, price upon application

All prices + VAT