Life Coaching

I am a qualified Life Coach, Personal Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. My life coaching services will help you, as an individual, explore what you want from life, or what may be holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Sue Fraser, Life Coach, talking to a client
Sue Fraser, Life Coach, talking to a client
Sue Fraser, Life Coach, talking to a client

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, employee or parent, I can help if you:

• Are feeling like you’re not living your best life
• Feel stuck, in your business, career or life 
• Keep repeating the same destructive patterns in your life or relationships
• Are aware that a lack of confidence is stopping you from getting what you want out of life

What does a Life Coaching session cover?

During a life coaching, or personal coaching, session I aim to provide guidance, encouragement, motivation and support to you as an individual in various aspects of your life, helping you to make positive changes, set and achieve goals, and enhance your overall well-being. 

As my life coaching sessions are bespoke to you, there is no set format to follow, but together we will explore these types of things: 

Goal setting and decision making: to identify and set specific, achievable goals in various areas of life, such as career, relationships, health, personal growth, and more. I offer support in the decision-making process, helping you identifying and address obstacles and challenges that may be hindering your progress and stay focused on your goals.

Communication and Relationship Building: help you to improve communication skills and enhance relationships, whether in personal or professional contexts. 

Stress Management and Well-Being: help you to manage stress, improve work-life balance and enhance overall well-being, including physical and mental health. 

Confidence Building: assist you in how to improve self-confidenceimprove self-esteem, and improve self-respect.

Action Planning: collaborate and create an action plan to accomplish your goals, breaking down larger objectives into manageable steps. 

Time Management: provide guidance on time management and productivity, helping you make better use of your time. 

Life Coaching Prices

1 x 60-90-minute Life Coaching session, in-person or online, £150 + VAT. 

A package of 5 x 60-90 minute sessions, in-person or online, £712.50 + VAT. 

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